Departmental Citation

The Departmental Citation in MELC is an award recognizing undergraduate excellence in the fields of the Department.  It is awarded in May at the time of graduation, usually to a graduating senior. In some years, the Department has chosen not to award a citation. Some of the recipients listed below have gone on to successful professional careers in public service, business, and academic research and teaching. 

Departmental Citations

1956 Mildred Dickeman

1957 Virginia Chan

1958 Christopher Rand Jr.

1959 Mary Elizabeth McCulloch

1960 Julie Anderson Scott

1962 Michael Gregory Morony

1963 Jerrold Stephen Cooper

1964 Karin Westlind Carter

1965 Charles Frank Vittor Jr.

1967 Kenneth Eugene Bryant

1968 Sandra Kay Simons

1969 Cynthia Louise Hall

1972 Yoko Tamabechi

1973 Patricia Biondo

1974 Semha Ruchwarger

1975 Karle Sue Lapsley

1976 Janet Lee Koss

1977 Robert Keith Englund

1978 Tracey Edward Twarowski

1979 Jonathan Philip Roth

1981 Sandra Grace Kelly

1982 Theodore Joseph Kennel & Michael Milton Chamberlain

1983 Saul Daniel Brenner, Franklin Dean Lewish, & James Wilfred Petersen

1984 Joseph David Young

1985 Brian Paul Muhs

1986 Brian Martin Adilman

1987 Gwenyth Eve Thompson

1989 John Theodore Solomon Senouf

1990 Lewis Olentheus Woods III

1991-2008 information unavailable

2009 Jaimee Kathleen Comstock-Skipp

2010 Hadel Marwan Jarada

2012 Patricia Eunji Kim

2014 Jordan Bach-Lombardo

2016 Karlene Dee Ann Shippelhoute

2019 Mathew Madain

2020 Gilad Zeev Barach

2021 not issued

2022 Ariana Noor Dideban & Nada Ashraf Lami

2023 not issued

2024 Leila Veissid