Undergraduate Advising

Undergraduate Major Adviser

For questions regarding the MELC undergraduate program, declaring a major or minor, course planning and registration, study abroad, and other academic matters, please schedule a meeting with the undergraduate major adviser. All advising meetings must be scheduled in advance. 

Rania Shah
Undergraduate Major & Minor Advisor
250A Social Sciences
Email: rania.shah@berkeley.edu 

Faculty Major Advisers

Students may also schedule a meeting with a MELC Faculty Advisor to discuss courses, the department honors program, career opportunities, and study abroad opportunities. Find the relevent advisor below that matches your interests.

Ahmad Diab, Assistant Professor of Modern Arabic Literature
Academic advising for Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, & Modern Middle Eastern World Major and Minor degrees
290 Social Sciences
Email: diab@berkeley.edu
Please e-mail for advising appointment

Benjamin Porter, Associate Professor of Middle Eastern Archaeology
Academic advising for Ancient Middle Eastern Worlds Major & Minor degrees
240 Social Sciences
Email: bwporter@berkeley.edu
Please e-mail for advising appointment