Awards & Honors

This page contains information on various awards and honors bestowed upon members of the MELC Department.

1. UC Berkeley Awards and Honors

Faculty Research Lectures

1930 William Popper

1939 Henry Lutz

1998 Robert Alter

2008 Daniel Boyarin

2023 Francesca Rochberg, "The History and Transmission of a Babylonian Astronomical Idea"

Distinguished Teaching Award

1959 William Brinner

Berkeley Citation

1991 William Brinner

2. National Awards and Honors

Guggenheim Fellowship

1959 Walter J. Fischel

1965 William Brinner

1977 Jacob Milgrom

1993 Francesca Rochberg

2005 Niek Veldhuis

3. Recent Faculty Book Awards

  • Porter, Benjamin (2013) Complex Communities: The Archaeology of Early Iron Age West-Central Jordan. Tucson: University of Arizona Press.
    • Winner of the 2014 G. Ernest Wright Publications Award from the American Society of Overseas Research.

4. Festschriften & Gedenkschriften