Dissertations in MELC

PhD dissertations submitted in the MELC department are listed below. Until 2021, degrees were awarded in "Near Eastern Studies" or "Near Eastern Religions". Prior to the early 1970s, degrees were awarded in "Near Eastern Languages".

Where possible, links to online repositories such as UC eScholarship or ProQuest have been provided.



Norton, Brooke, Disentangling the Divine: Egyptian and Canaanite Temples in the Sinai and Southern Levant
Advisor: Carol Redmount

Ong, Matthew, A Conceptual Metaphor Theory Approach to Divine Enumerative Description in Akkadian
Advisor: Niek Veldhuis

Piazza, Elya (Zissel), Stealth Stamma: Queer Time and Affect in the Babylonian Talmud
Advisor: Daniel Boyarin

Rosen, Betty, Language Marvels: Al-Badī' In and Beyond Arabic-Islamic Poetics
Advisor: Margaret Larkin

Safi, Lubna, How the Qaṣīda Sees: Vision, Poetic Knowledge, and the Transformative Capacity of Poetry from al-Andalus to the Maghrib
Advisor: Margaret Larkin

Yirmiya, Oren, The Other('s) Lyric: Piyyut, Identity, and Alterity in Modern Hebrew Mizrahi Poetry
Advisor: Chana Kronfeld


Breger, Gil, Ziqpu-stars and Cuneiform Knowledge: Meaning, Applications, Contexts
Advisor: Francesca Rochberg

Johnston, Kia Marie, Unseen Hands: Coffin Production at Akhmim, Dynasties 21-30
Adviser: Rita Lucarelli

Brownstein, Shmaryahu, Voicing the Shekhinah: The Habad Discourse in the Seventh Generation (Jewish Studies)

Montazeri, Fateme, Hafiz and the Safavids: Cultural History of a Persianate Controversy
Advisor: Wali Ahmadi

Rezakhany, Hassan, Masters of Paradox: Paradoxes of Self-reference in the Islamic World
Advisor: Asad Q. Ahmed

Tsung, Pei-Chen, Interpreting the Theory of ‘Abd al-Qāhir al-Jurjānī from the Perspective of Cognitive Linguistics
Advisers: Margaret Larkin


Stover-Kemp, Jenna, Forgetting to Remember: Theorizing the Role of the Forgotten in the Production of the Hebrew Bible


Ehteshami, Amin, The Pivot to Canonisation: Fayḍ Kāshānī and the Safavid Hadith Discourse
Adviser: Asad Q. Ahmed

Even-Nur, Ayelet, Radical Abandon: In-Between Agency and Self-Attenuation in Israel/Palestine
Advisers: Margaret Larkin and Chana Kronfeld

Istanbulli, Linda, Beyond the Nation: The Literary Afterlife of the Damascus Spring in the 21st Century Syrian Novel
Adviser: Margaret Larkin

Jensen, Victoria, The Cemeteries of Deir el-Ballas: Non-elite burials of the 17th-19th Dynasties and their relationship to the royal palace
Adviser: Rita Lucarelli



Fani, Aria, Becoming Literature: The Formation of Adabiyat as an Academic Discipline in Iran and Afghanistan (1895-1945)
Advisor: Wali Ahmadi

Lawson Pruitt, Madeline, Cultural Identity, Archaeology, and the Amorites of the Early Second Millennium BCE: An Analytical Paradigmatic Approach
Advisor: Benjamin Porter


Brown, Stephanie, Living on the Edge of Empire: Edomite Households in the First Millennium B.C.E.
Advisor: Benjamin Porter

Faruque, Muhammad, The Labyrinth of Subjectivity: Constructions of Selfhood in Islamic Philosophy (1570-1938)
Advisor: Asad Q. Ahmed

Fisher, Daniel, Memories of the Ark: Texts, Objects and the Construction of the Past
Advisor: Ronald Hendel

Fisher, Roy, Locating Matthew in Israel (GTU)
Advisor: Daniel Boyarin

Kaiser, Jessica Elisabet, Raising the Dead: A Bioarchaeological Investigation of the Wall of the Crow Cemetery, Giza
Advisor: Carol Redmount


Bassan, Eyal, Gestures of Undoing: The Desire for the Neutral in Modern Hebrew Literature (Jewish Studies)
Advisor: Chana Kronfeld

Creel, Andrea, Connectivity on the Edge of Empire: Movement, Liminality, and Ritual in the Southern Levantine Drylands
Advisor: Benjamin Porter

Escobar, Eduardo A., Technology as Knowledge: Cuneiform Technical Recipes and the Material World
Advisor: Francesca Rochberg

Levin, Sarah Frances, Narrative Remembrance: Close Encounters between Muslims and Jews in Morocco’s Atlas Mountains (Jewish Studies)
Advisors: Charles Briggs and Chana Kronfeld

Rosen, Joseph Do, The Talmudic Zohar: Midrash Ha-Ne'lam and Medieval Jewish Interdisciplinarity
Advisor: Daniel Boyarin

Rosenblatt, Eli, Enlightening the Skin: Travel, Race and Rabbinic Intertextuality in Yiddish Literature 1860-1960 (Jewish Studies)
Advisor: Chana Kronfeld

Tzuker-Seltzer, Hanna, Retrospectivity as an Ethical Stance: Revisiting the Zionist Dream in Israeli Fiction and Film (Jewish Studies)
Advisor: Chana Kronfeld

Weber, Martin C., Changing Environments, Social Adaptations, Divergent Trajectories: The Application of Socio-Natural Systems Thinking and Geospatial Modeling to the Late Bronze/Iron Age Transition in West-Central Syria, ca. 1350-750 BCE
Advisor: Benjamin Porter


Cruz, Anna, Modes of Loss: al-Andalus in the Arabic Poetic Imagination
Advisor: Muhammad Siddiq

Eztion, Yedidya, Philo of Alexandria’s Jewish Law: Uncovering the Foundations of a Second-Temple System of Jewish Law
Advisor: Daniel Boyarin

Torres, Anna Elena, "Any Minute Now the World's Overflowing Its Border": Anarchist Modernism and Yiddish Literature (Jewish Studies)
Advisor: Chana Kronfeld


Catanzariti, Antonietta, The Archaeology of Economic Systems in the Central Levant during the Middle Bronze Age: A Case study from Kamid el-Loz (Lebanon)
Advisors: Benjamin Porter and Marian Feldman

Friedman, Rachel A., Clarity, Communication, and Interpretability: Theorizing Language in al-Bāqillānī’s (d. 1013) I‘jāz al-Qur'ān and Uṣūl al-Fiqh Texts
Advisor: Margaret Larkin

Haber, Ruth, Rabbis on the Road: Exposition En Route in Classical Rabbinic Texts (Jewish Studies)
Advisor: Daniel Boyarin

Saylor, Elizabeth Claire, A Bridge Too Soon: The Life and Works of 'Afifa Karam: the First Arab American Woman Author
Advisor: Margaret Larkin


Alavi, Samad Josef, The Poetics of Commitment in Modern Persian: A Case of Three Revolutionary Poets in Iran
Advisor: Wali Ahmadi

Crisostomo, Christian Andre, Bilingual Education and Innovations in Scholarship: The Old Babylonian Word List Izi
Advisor: Niek Veldhuis

Dibley, Amy Genevive, Abraham’s Uncircumcised Children: The Enochic Precedent for Paul’s Paradoxical Claim in Galatians 3:29 (GTU)
MELC Advisor: Daniel Boyarin

Jimenez, Lissette Marie, Transfiguring the Dead: The Iconography, Commemorative Use, and Materiality of Mummy Shrouds from Roman Egypt
Advisor: Carol Redmount

Neumann, Kiersten Ashley, Resurrected and Reevaluated: The Neo-Assyrian Temple as a Ritualized and Ritualizing Built Environment
Advisors: Marian Feldman and Francesca Rochberg

Ophir, Riki, Why Read Poems in Such Hard Times? Sociopolitical History and Aesthetic Commitment in Modern Hebrew, Yiddish and German Poetry (Jewish Studies)
Advisor: Chana Kronfeld

Raz, Yosefa, Weak Prophecy: Recasting Prophetic Power in the Classical Hebrew Prophets and in Their Modern Reception (Jewish Studies)
Advisor: Ron Hendel

Rosenberg-Wohl, David Michel, Reconstructing Jewish Identity on the Foundations of Hellenistic History: Azariah de’ Rossi’s Me’or ‘Enaym in the Late 16th Century Northern Italy
Advisor: Erich Gruen

Schwartz, Kevin Lewis, Bâzgasht-i Adabî (Literary Return) and Persianate Literary Culture in Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century Iran, India, and Afghanistan
Advisor: Wali Ahmadi

Tanaka, Terry-lynn, Dress and Identity in Old Babylonian Texts
Advisor: Niek Veldhuis

Wasserman, Mira Beth, The Humanity of the Talmud: Reading for Ethics in Bavli Avoda Zara (Jewish Studies)
Advisor: Daniel Boyarin


Gane, Constance Ellen, Composite Beings in Neo-Babylonian Art
Advisor: David Stronach

Zildzic, Ahmed,The Friend and Foe: The Early Ottoman Reception of Ibn 'Arabi
Advisor: Hamid Algar


DePietro, Dana, Piety, Practice and Politics: Ritual and Agency in the Late Bronze Southern Levant
Advisor: Marian Feldman

Graybill, Cristina Rhiannon, Men in Travail: Masculinity and the Problems of the Body in the Hebrew Prophets
Advisor: Robert Alter

Joseph, Alison Lori, The Portrait of the Kings and the Historiographical Poetics of the Deuteronomistic Historian
Advisor: Ronald Hendel

Khudonazar, Anaita, Generational Politics: Narratives of Power in Central Asia’s Visual Culture
Advisor: Margaret Larkin

Minor, Elizabeth Joanna, The Use of Egyptian and Egyptianizing Material Culture in Nubian Burials of the Classic Kerma Period
Advisor: Carol Redmount

Richter, Barbara A.,The Theology of Hathor of Dendera: Aural and Visual Scribal Techniques in the Per-wer Sanctuary
Advisor: Carol Redmount

Thrope, Samuel F., Contradictions and Vile Utterances: The Zoroastrian Critique of Judaism in the Škand Gumānīg Wizār (Jewish Studies)
Advisor: Martin Schwartz


Afnani, Moeen, Unraveling the Mystery of the Hidden Treasure: The Origin and Development of a Hadith Qudsi and its Application in Sufi Doctrine
Advisor: Hamid Algar

Dissard, Laurent , Submerged Stories on the Sidelines of Science: Archaeology and Politics on the Margins of the Keban Dam Rescue Project (1966-1975) in Eastern Turkey
Advisor: Marian Feldman

Langin-Hooper, Stephanie, Beyond Typology: Investigating Entanglements of Difference and Exploring Object-Generated Social Interactions in the Terracotta Figurines of Hellenistic Babylonia
Advisor: Marian Feldman

Karatas, Hasan, The City as a Historical Actor: The Urbanization and Ottomanization of the Halvetiye Sufi Order by the city of Amasya in the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries
Advisor: Hamid Algar

Septimus, Zvi, The Poetic Superstructure of the Babylonian Talmud and the Reader It Fashions. Eastern European Jewish Culture and the Re-imagination of Folk Performance (Jewish Studies)
Advisor: Daniel Boyarin

Stern, Zehavit, Eastern European Jewish Culture and the Re-imagination of Folk Performance (Jewish Studies)
Advisor: Robert Alter


Ausec, Cindy Lee, Gods Who Hear Prayers: Popular Piety or Kingship in Three Theban Monuments of New Kingdom Egypt
Advisor: Carol Redmount

El Sherif, Mona A., Cairo-Paris: The Urban Imaginary of the Self
Advisor: Margaret Larkin

Kroenke, Karin Roberta, The Provincial Cemeteries of Naga ed-Deir: A Comprehensive Study of Tomb Models Dating from the Late Old Kingdom to the Late Middle Kingdom
Advisor: Carol Redmount

Li, Jean, Elite Theban Women in the Eighth-Sixth Centuries BCE in Egypt: Status, Identity and Mortuary Practice
Advisor: Carol Redmount



Avila, Mark Anthony, Treading Upon Snakes: The Sumerian and Akkadian Snake Incantations from the Ur III to the Old Babylonian Periods
Advisor: Niek Veldhuis

Foster, Catherine P., Household Archaeology and the Uruk Phenomenon: A Case Study from Kenan Tepe, Turkey
Advisor: Marian Feldman

Khankan, Nathalie, Breathing Sun-Drenched Horizons: The Possibility of Poetry in Post-Oslo Palestine
Advisor: Margaret Larkin

Maras, Sabrina, Iconography, Identity and Inclusion: the Winged Disk and Royal Power under Darius the Great
Advisor: David Stronach

Mesbahi, Seyed Shahabedin, The Reception of Ibn 'Arabi's School of Thought by Kubrawi Sufis
Advisor: Hamid Algar

Shih, Shang Ying, New Approaches to Ancient Egyptian Visual Culture -- A Case Study: Ramesside Queens at the Nexus of Gender, Sexuality, and Spectatorship
Advsor: Carol Redmount


Brown, Brian Ashley, Monumentalizing identities: North Syrian urbanism, 1200-800 BCE
Advisors: Marian Feldman & David Stronach

Castori, Michael T. T., "Israel and the Nations" in the Mekhilta of Rabbi Ishmael and Origen's Homilies on Exodus: A study in biblical interpretation
Advisor: Daniel Boyarin

Stern, Eliyahu, Elijah of Vilna and the making of modern rabbinic Judaism (Jewish Studies)
Advisor: Daniel Boyarin

Watts Belser, Julia, Between the human and the holy: The construction of Talmudic theology in Massekhet Ta’anit (Jewish Studies)
Advisor: Daniel Boyarin

Zargar, Cyrus Ali, Aesthetic principles of Islamic mysticism: Beauty and the human form in the writings of Ibn 'Arabi and 'Iraqi
Advisor: Hamid Algar


Ali, Mukhtar Hussain, Qaysarī’s Muqaddima to his Sharḥ Fuṣūṣ al-ḥikam: A translation of the first five chapters together with a commentary on some of their themes
Advisor: Hamid Algar

Codella, Kim Christopher, Achaemenid monumental gateways at Pasargadae, Susa and Persepolis
Advisor: David Stronach

Liebhaber, Samuel Joseph, Bedouins without Arabic: Language, poetry and the Mahra of Southeast Yemen
Advisor: Margaret Larkin

Medoff, Louis Abraham, Ijtihad and renewal in Qur’anic Hermeneutics: An analysis of Muhammad Husayn Tabātabā’ī’s al-Mīzān fī Tafsīr al-Qur’ān
Advisor: Hamid Algar

Neale, Harry Stuart, Sufism, godliness and popular Islamic storytelling in Farid al-Din ‘Aṭṭār’s Tadkiratu-l-‘awliyā’
Advisor: Hamid Algar


Alvarez-Mon, Javier, The Arjan tomb: At the crossroads between the Elamite and the Persian empires
Advisor: David Stronach

Ayvazian, Alina, Urartian glyptic: New perspectives
Advisor: David Stronach

Farrin, Raymond Kenneth, Reading beyond the line: Organic unity in classical Arabic poetry
Advisor: James Monroe

Finkin, Jordan David, "Jewish discourse" and the Hebraic subtext in the development of Yiddish literature and culture
Advisor: Chana Kronfeld

Kadhim, Abbas K., Politics and theology of Imami Shi’a in Baghdad in the 5th/11th century
Advisor: Hamid Algar

Kann, Nitsa, Kabbaliterature: Post/modern Hebrew literature and its kabbalistic precursors
Advisor: Robert Alter

Kiser-Go, Deanna, A stylistic and iconographic analysis of private post-Amarna period tombs at Thebes
Advisor: Cathleen Keller

Mendoza, Barbara, Everlasting servants of the gods: Bronze priests of ancient Egypt from the Middle Kingdom to the Graeco-Roman period
Advisor: Carol Redmount

Millstein, Henry Morrison, Embodying empire: Rabbinic and early Christian representations of Roman power (Jewish Studies)
Advisor: Daniel Boyarin

Saleh, Heidi, Investigating ethnic and gender identities as expressed on wooden funerary stelae from the Libyan period (c. 1069-715 B.C.E.) in Egypt
Advisor: Carol Redmount


Collins, William Frederick, Cultural transmission, exchange and complex society in late fourth and early third millennium BCE inland West Syria
Advisor: David Stronach

Davaran, Fereshteh, Continuity in Iranian identity: A study of Andarz and Adab
Advisor: Wali Ahmadi

Jalali, Bahar, Afghanistan: 1963-1973
Advisor: Hamid Algar

Mousavi, Seyed Ali, The central Alborz region in the second millennium B.C.: An inter-regional study of archaeological patterns and possible interpretations
Advisor: David Stronach


Angali, Koorosh, The Angālī Dialect
Advisor: Martin Schwartz

Dolgopolskii, Serguei Boris, The rhetoric of the Talmud in the perspective for post-structuralism (Jewish Studies)
Advisor: Daniel Boyarin

Havrelock, Rachel Sharon, The Jordan River: Crossing a biblical boundary (Jewish Studies)
Advisor: Daniel Boyarin

Pettigrew, Mark Fraser, The wonders of the ancients: Arab-Islamic representations of ancient Egypt
Advisor: James Monroe

Radwan, Noha Mohamed, Redefining the canon: Shi'r al-'Ammiyya and modernism in Arabic poetry
Advisor: Margaret Larkin


Kaiser, Kevin Robert, Water, milk, beer and wine for the living and the dead: Egyptian and Syro-Palestinian Bes-vessels from the New Kingdom through the Graeco-Roman Period
Advisor: Carol Redmount

MacGregor, Sherry Lou, Women in the Neo-Assyrian world: Visual and textual evidence from palace and temple
Advisors: David Stronach & Guitty Azarpay


Bazian, Hatem Ahmad, Al-Quds in Islamic consciousness: A textual survey of Muslim claims and rights to the sacred city
Advisor: Hamid Algar

Nassiri, Giv, Turco-Persian civilization and the role of scholar's travel and migration in its elaboration and continuity
Advisor: Hamid Algar

Nikaido, Scott Ken, Intertextuality and ideology in the Hagar narratives
Advisors: Ron Hendel & Jacob Milgrom

Sandel, Margaret Anne. Understanding religious language: An integrated approach to meaning (Jewish Studies)
Advisor: David Biale

Seeman, Christopher Joseph, Rome and Judaea in transition (Near Eastern Religions)
Advisor: Erich Gruen

Sheldon, Linda Jean, The Book of Job as Hebrew theodicy: An ancient Near Eastern inter-textual conflict between law and cosmology (Near Eastern Religions)
Advisor: Anne Kilmer


Bonogofsky, Michelle A., An osteo-archaeological examination of the ancestor cult during the Pre-Pottery Neolithic B Period in the Levant
Advisors: David Stronach & Carol Redmoun

Daum, Robert Alan, Describing Yavneh: The foundational traditions of rabbinic Judaism
Advisor: Daniel Boyarin

Dreyfus, Renee Beller, A purely Assyrian art: Ivories carved in the ‘Assyrian style'
Advisors: David Stronach & Guitty Azarpay

Ghanimati, Soroor, Kuh-e Khwaja: A major Zoroastrian temple complex in Sistan
Advisors: Guitty Azarpay & David Stronach

Hamdouni Alami, Mohammed, Al-Bayān wa l-Bunyān: Meaning, poetics, and politics in early Islamic architecture
Advisor: David Stronach

Kadish, Ruti, Mothers and soldiers: Israeli lesbian and gay negotiations of Jewish, national, and sexual identity.

Margalit, Natan, Life containing texts: The Mishnah's discourse of gender, a literary/anthropological analysis.

Oblath, Michael David, The Exodus itinerary sites: Their location from the perspective of the biblical sources.

Pinsker, Shachar Mordechai, "Old wine in new flasks": Rabbinic intertexts and the making of modernist Hebrew fiction.


Alauddeen, Hashim Ali. The Martyrdom of Imam Husayn at Karbala: Ziyarat and Interpretations.

Chaver, Yael. "What must be forgotten": Yiddish literature in Zionist Palestine.

Hoffman, Matthew B. Reclaiming Jesus and the construction of modern Jewish culture.

Leveen, Adriane Beth. Monumental tasks: The problem of memory in the book of Numbers.

Ludlow, Jared Warner. A narrative critical study of the two Greek Recensions of "The Testament of Abraham".

Medoff, Louis Abraham. A survey of the history of Islam in China.

Miller, Brian Allan. The lover's way: A critical comparison of the Nazm al-suluk by Ibn al-Farid with the Qasidih-yi Varga’iyyih by Baha’ullah.

Nakanishi, Yumiko, The art of Miran: A Buddhist site in the kingdom of Shanshan
Advisor: Guitty Azarpay

Stewart, David Tabb. Ancient sexual laws: Text and intertext of the biblical Holiness Code and Hittite Law.

Tzamir, Hamutal. The Israeli statehood generation and women's poetry in the fifties and sixties: Poetry, gender and the nation-state.



Barbanes, Eleanor. Heartland and province: Urban and rural settlement in the Neo-Assyrian Empire.

Goodarzi-Tabrizi, Shoki. The worked bone remains of Hallan Cemi Tepesi, an early Neolithic site in Southeastern Turkey.

Kroenke, Karin Roberta. Type II river crafts: Description and classification of ancient Egyptian model boats of the first intermediate period through the New Kingdom.

Ross, Jennifer Carol. The golden ruler: Precious metals and political development in the third millennium B.C. Near East.

Wong, Diana Pickworth. Stamp seals of the ancient Yemen.

Yaqub, Nadia Gail. Drinking from the well of poetry: Tradition, composition, and identity in the oral Palestinian poetry duel.


Angali, Koorosh. Afsan i buz ud muy: 'The fable of the goat and the date-palm'.

Brookes, Douglas Scott. Tables of delicacies concerning the rules of social gatherings: An annotated translation of Gelibolulu Mustafa Ali’s Meva’idu’n- Nefa’is fi Kava’idi’l-Mecalis.

Hildenbrand, Michael Dean. Structure and theology in the holiness code.

Simonds, Matthew Wiley. Ali b. Maymun: An early 16th Century Sufi saint and critic of the Ulama with an edition of Alwan al-Hamawi’s Mujli al-huzn an al-mahzun fi manaqib al-shaykh al-sayyid al-sharif Abi al-Hasan Ali b. Maymun.


Estes, Allen Leland. Enforcement practices in Ur III Lagash and 18th Century BC Mari.

Johnson, Willis Harrison. Between Christians and Jews: The formation of anti-Jewish stereotypes in Medieval England.

Mehendale, Sanjyot, Begram: New perspectives on the ivory and bone carvings
Advisors: Guitty Azarpay & David Stronach

Mendoza, Barbara. Iconography and chronological development of the fisherman and fowler in ancient Egyptian tomb painting and relief: A contrast between tomb owner and marsh laborer.

Samman, Antoine. Ancient Syrian society in the age of Iamhad (ca. 2000-1500 B.C.): Archaeological and glyptic studies.

Shih, Shang-Ying. Death in Deir el-Medina: A psychological perspective.

von Schlegell, Barbara Rosenow. Sufism in the Ottoman Arab world: Shaykh ‘Abd al-Ghani al-Nabulusi (d. 1143/1731).


Afshar, Yashar. Cultural and linguistic transition from Sasanian Persia to Islamic Iran.

Greaves, Sheldon Wilde. The power of the word in the ancient Near East.

Seidel, Jonathan Lee. Studies in ancient Jewish magic.

Taheri, Zahra Haghighi. The depiction of women in Persian ethical texts.

Taniguchi, Shoyo. A systematic structure of ethics founded on causal conditionality (paticcasamuppada): Ethics from the pali nikaya textual point of view.


Barbanes, Eleanor Rose. Neo-Assyrian town planning.

Noelle-Karimi, Christine. The interaction between state and tribe in nineteenth-century Afghanistan: The reign of Amir Dost Muhammad Khan (1826-1863).


Bonogofsky, Michelle A. Gifts for the Netherworld: Objects excavated from the royal cemetery at Ur.

Codella, Kim Christopher. Distribution of chlorite carved vessels in the third millennium B.C.: Evidence for trade and exchange between Mesopotamia and its eastern neighbors.

Friedman, Renee Frances. Predynastic settlement ceramics of Upper Egypt: A comparative study of the ceramics of Hemamieh, Nagada, and Hierakonpolis.

Moore, Teresa Robin. The Good God Amenhotep: The deified king as a focus of popular religion during the Egyptian New Kingdom

Podzorski, Patricia Victoria. The Northern cemetery at Ballas Upper Egypt: A study of the Middle and Late Predynastic remains.


Astren, Fred David. History, historicization, and historical claims in Karaite Jewish literature.

Fakour, Mehrdad. An Islamic canon of proportion: A study on the depiction of the human form in early Islamic art.

Hayes, Christine Elizabeth. Between the Babylonian and Palestinian Talmuds: Accounting for Halakhic difference in selected Sugyot from Tractate Avodah Zarah.

Stahl, Nanette, The flawed liminal moment: Between law and narrative in the Bible
Advisor: Robert Alter

Tsoffar, Ruth. Koshering the body: Female ritual discourse among the San Francisco Bay Area Karaites.

Zorn, Jeffrey Ralph, Tell en-Nasbeh: A re-evaluation of the architecture and stratigraphy of the early Bronze Age, Iron Age and later periods, 4 vols.
Advisor: David Stronach


Atai, Mohammad Farhad. The Sending of Iranian students to Europe 1811-1906.

Bedal, Leigh-Ann. The Neo-Assyrian bracelet: A study of its evolution, function and symbolism.

Bernstein, Marc Steven. The Story of Our Master Joseph: Intertextuality in Judaism and Islam.

Burden, Jeffrey Christopher. The architecture of the White Chapel of Senuseret I: The making of a Middle Kingdom monument.

Edzard, Lutz. Polygenesis and entropy: An alternative model of linguistic evolution applied to Semitic linguistics.

Gane, Roy Edwin. Ritual dynamic structure: Systems theory and ritual syntax applied to selected ancient Israelite, Babylonian and Hittite festival days.

Harrington, Hannah Karajian. The biblical foundations of the impurity systems of the Qumran Sectaries and the Rabbis.

Harrington, Lori Dee. Naga-ed-Der Cemetry 100: A sample of cranial material and its context.

Rattray, Susan. The tense-mood-aspect system of biblical Hebrew, with special emphasis on 1 & 2 Samuel.

Shoemaker, Kenneth Wayne. Speaker and audience participants in Micah: Aspects of prophetic discourse.

Wong, Diana Pickworth. South Arabian bovine stelae: On the function and significance of theomorphic statues from Qataban.


Bikai, Pierre Michel. The cedar of Lebanon: Archaeological and dendrochronological perspectives.

Bolt, Dianna Gail. Burial in an ancient northern Mesopotamian town: The evidence from Tell Mohammed 'Arab.

Chyet, Michael L. "And a thornbush sprang up between them": Studies on Mem u Zin, a Kurdish romance.

Godlas, Alan Arthur. The Ara’is al-bayan: The mystical Qur'anic exegesis of Ruzbihan al-Baqli.

Jamzadeh, Parivash. The Achaemenid throne: Its significance and its legacy.

Knudsen, Joan Ann. A corpus of amulets from Cemetery 500 at El Ahaiwah.

Kuwabara, Toshikazu. The Netherworld in Sumero-Akkadian literature.

Ross, Jennifer Carol. A Late Bronze Age pottery workshop at Hazor.

Snyder, Barbara Wootten. Combat myth in the apocalypse: The liturgy of the Day of the Lord and the dedication of the Heavenly Temple.

Zournatzi, Antigoni. Evagoras I, Athens and Persia: ca. 412 to 387/6 B.C.


Adler, Elaine June. The background for the metaphor of covenant as marriage in the Hebrew Bible.

Gane, Constance Ellen. The worshipper before symbols on selected Neo-Babylonian stamp seals.

Lumsden, Stephen Paul. Symbols of power: Hittite royal iconography in seals.

Marchant, Anne Jones. Old Babylonian tablets from Larsa in the Lowie Museum of Anthropology.

Mosher, Malcolm. The ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead in the Late Period: A study of revisions evident in evolving vignettes, and the possible chronological or geographical implications for differing versions of vignettes.

Roehrig, Catharine Hershey. The Eighteenth Dynasty titles royal nurse (mn't nswt), royal tutor (mn't nswt), and foster brother/sister of the lord of the two lands (sn/sn't mn' n nb t3wy).

Samman, Antoine. The Kingdom of Iamhad: Epigraphic evidence for a major power in the Near East in the first half of the second millennium B.C.



Brown, Cheryl Anne, Women in Rewritten Bible: Studies in "Liber Antiquitatum Biblicarum" and Josephus' "Antiquities of the Jews" (GTU)

Davis-Kimball, Jeannine, Proportions in Achaemenid art
Advisor: Guitty Azarpay

Greene, Barbara Alice, Ancient Egyptian Stone Vessels: Materials and Forms
Advisor: Cathleen Keller

Haji-Ahmad, Haji-Mohamad Bohari, The ideas of Wahdat al-Wujud in the poetry of ‘Abd al-Qadir Bidil (Persian), Ibrahim Hakki Erzurumlu (Ottoman Turkish), and Hamzah Fansuri (Malay)
Advisor: Hamid Algar


DeYoung, Terri Lynn, And thereby hangs a tale: A study of myth in modern Arabic poetry
Advisor: Mounah Khouri

Kirschner, Robert Steven, Baraita d-melekhet ha-mishkan: Critical edition with introduction
Advisor: Jacob Milgrom

Movassat, Johanna Domela, The large vault at Taq-i Bustan: A study in Late Sassanian royal art


Hary, Benyamin, Judeo-Arabic, written and spoken in Egypt in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries
Advisor: Ariel Bloch

Leibowitz, Joseph H., The image of Job as reflected in rabbinic writings
Advisor: Jacob Milgrom


Hartwig, Melinda Kay. Proportional grids as geometrical reflections of style: An analysis of the first intermediate period stelae of Naga ed-Deir

LaBarbera, Robert Dennis, Social and religious satire in the Elisha cycle (GTU)
Advisor: Robert Alter

Sabbahy, Fattah Mohammed, Prelude to empire: Ancient Egyptian military policy and activity in the early New Kingdom
Advisor: Cathleen Keller


Rispler, Vardit, Insurance in the world of Islam: Origins, problems and current practice
Advisor: William Brinner

Slyomovics, Susan Eve. The merchant of art: An Egyptian Hilali oral epic in performance.


Ben-Dov, Nitza, The dream as a junction of theme and characterization in the psychological fiction of S.Y. Agnon
Advisor: Robert Alter

Green, Heidi Anne, Artistic expressions of charismatic, traditional and rational political authority in Mesopotamian Imperial art: The Old Akkadian Empire, the Second Dynasty of Lagash, the Ur III Period

Omidsalar, Mahmoud, Oedipus complex in the Shahnameh: Textual, folkloristic, and psychoanalytical studies on the national Persian epic
Advisor: Martin Schwartz

Weinberger, James William, The Rise of Muslim cities in Sogdia, 700-1220
Advisor: Hamid Algar

Wright, David Pearson, The disposal of impurity in the priestly writings of the Bible with reference to similar phenomena in Hittite and Mesopotamian cultures
Advisor: Jacob Milgrom


Unterman, Jeremiah, The relationship of repentance to redemption in Jeremiah

Gordon, Andrew Hunt, The context and meaning of the ancient Egyptian word "inw" from the Proto-Dynastic Period to the end of the New Kingdom
Advisor: Kent Weeks


Podzorski, Patricia Victoria, A descriptive summary of the human skeletal remains from the early predynastic cemetery N7000, Naga-ed-Der, Egypt

Ricks, Stephen David, A lexicon of epigraphic Qatabanian

Simons, Sandra Kay, A structural study of expanded verbal bases in Egyptian

Sowayan, Saad Abdullah, Nabati Poetry: The Oral Poetry of Arabia
Advisor: Mounah Khouri & Alan Dundes

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Advisor: Mounah Khouri


Davis, Humphrey Taman, Seventeenth-century Egyptian Arabic: A profile of the colloquial material in Yusuf al-Sirbini's Hazz al-Quhuf fi Sarh Qasid Abi Saduf
Advisor: Ariel Bloch


Green, Barbara, A study of field and seed symbolism in the biblical story of Ruth (GTU)

Nelson, Kristina, The Art of Reciting the Qur'an
Advisor: Mounah Khouri

Pirnazar, Jaleh. Political movements and organizations in Iran, 1890-1953
Advisor: Hamid Algar



Kikawada, Isaac M., Literary conventions connected with antediluvian historiography in the ancient Near East

Lee, Thomas Robert, Studies in the form of Sirach (Ecclesiasticus) 44-50 (GTU)

Salib, Maurice Boulos, Spoken literary Arabic: Oral approximation of literary Arabic in Egyptian formal discourse


Bowman, Charles H., The goddess ‘Anatu in the ancient Near East (GTU)

Dobel, Allan George, The location of Washshukanni: An analysis of archaeological and textual source materials

Flattery, David Stophlet, Haoma

Molan, Peter D. Medieval Western Arabic: Reconstructing elements of the dialects of Al-Andalus, Sicily and North Africa from the laḥn al-‘ammah literature
Advisor: Ariel Bloch

Perlman, Alice Lenore, Asherah and Astarte in the Old Testament and Ugaritic literatures (GTU)

Vittor, Charles Frank. The Herat School: Persian Poetry in the Timurid Period
Advisor: Hamid Algar

Wold, Donald John, The meaning of the biblical penalty kareth


Halperin, David Joel, Merkabah and Ma'aesh Merkabah, According to Rabbinic Sources
Advisor: Baruch Bokser

Schub, Michael B, Linguistic topics in Al-Zamachshari's commentary on the Qur'an
Advisor: Ariel Bloch


Hecker, Judith Katz, Reason and responsibility: An explanatory translation of Kitab al-tawlid from al-Mughni fi abwab al-tawhid wa-l-‘adi by Qadi ‘Abd al-Jabbar al-Hamadhani, with introduction and notes

Siddiqi, Mohammed Moazzam, An examination of the Indo-Persian mystical poet Mirza ‘Abdul Qadir Bedil with particular reference to his chief work ‘Irfan
Advisor: Hamid Algar


Busul, As’ad Namir, Sheikh Muhammad Rashid Rida's political activities: A struggle for the revival of an Orthodox (Salafi) Islamic state

Foxvog Jr., Daniel Allan, The Sumerian ventive

Saliba, George Asad, The technical chronology of Bar Shinaya

Smith, Grace Martin, Varga ve Gülşāh: A Fourteenth Century Anatolian Turkish Mesnevi


Caspi, Mishael, Oh my beloved, my wish and my desire: On redemption, messianism, and love in Yemenite poetry
Advisor: William Brinner

Cooper, Richard Stefan. Ibn Mammati's rules for the ministries: Translation with commentary of the Qawanin al-Dawawin.

Zevit, Ziony, Studies in biblical poetry and vocabulary in their northwestern Semitic setting


Zwettler, Michael, The Oral Tradition of Classical Arabic Poetry: Its Character and Implications
Advisor: Mounah Khouri


Meisami, Julie Scott, New Forms in Modern Arabic Poetry, 1900-1965
Advisor: Mounah Khouri



Holland, Barron Gregory, The Satsaī of Bīhārī: Hindi Poetry of the Early Rītī Period; Introduction, Translation, and Notes
Advisor: Gordon Roadarmel

Roadarmel, Gordan C., The Theme of Alienation in the Modern Hindi Short Story


Schwartz, Martin, Studies in the Texts of the Sogdian Christians
Advisor: Walter B. Henning


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Walker, Vivian Marguerite, Sanskrit literary elements in modern Hindi literature



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Advisor: William Popper



Powell, Herbert Harry, The Supposed Hebraisms in the Grammar of the Biblical Aramaic
Advisor: Max L. Margolis

Appendix: Early dissertations in other departments on MELC-related areas