Nora Jacobsen Ben Hammed

Job title: 
Assistant Professor of Islamic Thought

Nora Jacobsen Ben Hammed is Assistant Professor of Islamic Thought in Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures.  Her research focuses on the continued life of Islamic philosophy as it was absorbed and transformed in Islamic theology and mysticism through both the Arabic and Persian textual traditions. She earned her BA from Yale University in 2010, where she majored in Religious Studies, and her Master’s of Arts in Religion (MAR) from Yale Divinity School in 2012 with a concentration in Philosophy of Religion. In 2018, she completed her doctorate in Islamic Studies at the University of Chicago Divinity School. Her published work includes articles in such journals as OriensArabic Sciences and Philosophy, and the Journal of Persianate Studies, as well as book chapters in the edited volumes Mysticism and Ethics in Islam (American University of Beirut Press, 2021) and Women's Contemporary Readings of Medieval (and Modern) Arabic Philosophy (Springer, 2022). Her current book project, for which she was awarded an NEH Summer Stipend in 2022, addresses the eminent 12th-century Muslim theologian Fakhr al-Dīn al-Rāzī’s engagement with the Islamic philosophical movement and his gradual development of a notion of a two-fold path to knowledge of God and thus to the felicity of the soul through knowledge.



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