Hello and welcome to our excavation website.  We are now preparing for our fourth season at the site of El Hibeh, Egypt and would like to share some of our discoveries and experiences with you.  As the map shows, the site itself is located in on the ancient boundary between upper and lower Egypt, just south of the town of Beni Suef and on the other side of the river.

This resource has been created in order to help you learn more about the site itself as well as the our activities and goals each season.  On the left-hand side of this page you will find a number of menu options.  Each word links to a different page where you can learn about the team, our recent discoveries, or even try your hand at a little survey work yourself.  We hope you have as much fun viewing this site as we had making it.  It there's something you'd like to know or if you have a suggestion regarding the site, don't hesitate to write me at redmount@ls.berkeley.edu.