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Niek Veldhuis
Associate Professor of Assyriology
Department of Near Eastern Studies
University of California, Berkeley


At the Department of Near Eastern Studies at Berkeley you can learn how to read cuneiform texts in Sumerian and Akkadian. In a two-year cycle we alternate Elementary Akkadian (Cuneiform 100A/B) and Elementary Sumerian (Cuneiform 102A/B), where the basics of the two languages are taught by Professor Niek Veldhuis and Dr. Laurie Pearce. In Selected Readings in Sumerian (Cuneiform 103A/B) and Selected Readings in Akkadian (Cuneiform 101A/B) we deepen our knowledge of grammar, vocabulary, and cuneiform, while at the same exploring the wonderful world of Mesopotamia by reading ancient texts. Advanced reading classes in Akkadian are offered by Professor Francesca Rochberg. Most classes in cuneiform languages take place in 12 Barrows, the Ancient Near Eastern Seminar Room.

Gilgameš in Sumerian cuneiform
Gilgameš in Sumerian cuneiform

Other Courses: Gilgameš: King, Hero, and God (NES 113)
Mesopotamian History (NES 109)
Babylonian Religion (NES C104)
Mesopotamian Literature (NES 105)