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1946: Born Asbury Park, N.J. USA
Citizen of the United States and Israel

Present Appointment: Hermann P. and Sophia Taubman Professor of Talmudic Culture, Departments of Near Eastern Studies and Rhetoric, University of California at Berkeley, Affiliated Member Department of Women's Studies, Member of core faculty in the minor in Gay and Lesbian Studies and of the graduate group in Ancient History and Mediterranean Archaeology, and the designated emphasis in Women, Sexuality, Gender Studies, as well as the core faculty of the Center for the Study of Sexual Culture


Professor Boyarin began his education at Goddard College and received his Masters of Hebrew Literature at the Jewish Theological Seminary.  His Education continued with a Masters of Semitic Languages at Columbia University where he did his thesis on The Babylonian Aramaic Verb According to Codex Hamburg. He was awarded with a Doctorate Degree in 1975 from the Jewish Theological Seminary of America upon completion of his dissertation on A Critical Edition of the Babylonian Talmud, Tractate Nazir.



  • Rhetoric 103a [Theory and History of Rhetoric in Antiquity]
  • Hebrew 202 [Readings in the Talmud]
  • NES 133 [Judaism in Late Antiquity]
  • Hebrew 148 [The Literary Art of the Babylonian Talmud]
  • Rhetoric 131 [The Rhetoric of Religious Discourse]
  • GLBT 148 [Interpreting the Queer Past]
  • Rhetoric 200 [Classical Origins of the Rhetorical Tradition]


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