Jaleh PirnazarAyla Algar

Ayla Algar, M.A. (U.C. Berkeley)
Lecturer in Turkish. Turkish language and literature, language pedagogy.

ayla@berkeley.edu Ph: 510-642-2019

290 Barrows Hall
Department of Near Eastern Studies, University of California, Berkeley


About Ayla Algar:

A native of Turkey, Ayla Algar has been teaching Modern Turkish language and Literature in the Department of Near Eastern Studies since 1990. She holds an MA from the same department.

Ayla Algar has worked extensively on language pedagogy, particularly as it relates to the challenges of teaching Turkish, a non Indo-European language to American students. She has a subsidiary interest in food history, especially Turkish cuisine, with its historical and cultural ramifications. She has published  several articles on food history, particularly as it relates to Turkey, in the Oxford Companion to Food, as well as two acclaimed books onTurkish cuisine.


Email: ayla@berkeley.edu